The I.T. Girl

In the late spring, I was part of a panel discussion about our school district's science and computer science curriculum.  The brief computer science discussion focused on the high school curriculum; very quickly, the conversation centered around the identity of most of our high school's computer science students: non-minority males.  The meeting was too short … Continue reading The I.T. Girl

National Archery in Schools Program

This week, we learned that our elementary school's Archery Team program is ending, due to our team's two coaches getting split up to teach PE at two different elementary schools.  (One PE teacher with NASP certification is not enough person-power to handle the work required to run a NASP PE program and team.  A MINIMUM … Continue reading National Archery in Schools Program

Myron and Sonya Glassberg Family Conservation Area

This conservation area ranks high among my list of favorite hikes in all of the Saint Louis region.  In particular, I loved the changing scenery throughout this hike.  If I could do anything to make this better, more/longer trail options might just put it over the top.  That, and I'd prefer not to walk under … Continue reading Myron and Sonya Glassberg Family Conservation Area

Pastor Ed and the First Rule of Poker

I have a million different blog articles whirling around in my brain, wanting to be written.  But today, I felt that I needed to revisit my "Messengers" category.  The whole point of Messengers, for me, is to write about people who positively influence me along the way.  More than just nebulous "positive influence" my Messengers … Continue reading Pastor Ed and the First Rule of Poker